school management solution


Smart School is a responsive modern and complete school automation software that suites the day-to-day school running. Manages students, admission, fees, examination, results, attendance, teachers, transportation etc at a glace. It includes more than 30 modules that make school running more fun and rewarding.

Main Features

  • Student online admission form
  • Zoom Live Class
  • Lesson Plan module
  • Alumni module
  • Multi-class feature in Parent panel
  • Online Examination Result in Parent Panel
  • Reference number in Online Admission Form
  • Audio/Video file upload support
  • Book Search in Library Book Issue
  • Print examination admit card
  • Teachers Timetable
  • Staff import
  • Teachers Timetable
  • Auto generated admission number in pre define sequence


Responsive User Interface
Access to Smart School across all types of devices is seamless.

Student Admission
It features online admission form which has over 40 record intake for student.

Student Attendance

Fees Collection
This module gives details of student fee standings.



Duration project: 30 days




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